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# md129 1959 Luna-1 first Moon shot

1959 issued by Academy of Science of the USSR 65 mm bronze artwork medal commemorating first successful Moon flight Luna-1. Front side of medal depicts rocket and University of Lomonosov- one of biggest scientific institution of Soviet Union.It reads on the from ` In the Glory of Great Motherland! january 1959`. On reverse side depicted pennant delivered to Moon by Soviet station Luna-1 in 1959,reads famous words of Tsiolkovskiy and around the medal reads `In inauguaration of launch of first in the world space rocket`. Medals presented to scientist and designers.No public circulation. Original medal came from collection of Georgi Grechko and same I also have from Rocketery General Vladimir Katayev, who participated in launch. Price check by e-mail or call.
 # md129            1959 Luna-1 first Moon shot 1

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