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# md134 Lavochkin Design Bureau

72 mm diamter bronze artwork presentation medal issued by Lavochkin Research and Production Association (NPO) Federal State-Owned Unitary Enterprise in 50 years anniversary 1937-1987.Only 100 medals was custom made by Moscow Mint by order of Lavochkin NPO to be presented to best engineers-designers of this famous association.Since 1965, the lavochkin Association has been actively involved in spacecraft engineering.The enterprise`s accomplishements in this field are really amazing:Lavochkin spacecraft were the first to make a soft landing on the Moon (Luna-9 in 1966), Venus and Mars; special automated equipment collected lunar soil samples and delivered them to the Earth (Luna-16 in 1970); same year Lunakhod/Luna-17 the lunar probe made a several kilometer travel on the Moon; Venera spacecraft made a comprehensive study of the Venus and Halley`s comet.In the 1980-190s, the Astron and Granat astrophysical space observatories and a series of research satellites under the Interball program were launched to conduct solar-terrestrial studies. These days lavochkin NPO works on projects for the development of a Spektr space observatory; communication and monitoring systems; missions to Mars, the Moon, and the Sun. In addition to great history as famous space design bureau I must mention glorious years of Lavochkin prior 60-s. In late 50-s this design bureau passed successful tests of first intercontinental supersonic cruise missile Burya.After WWII Lavochkin LA-176 aircraft, powered by a jet engine, was the first aircraft wich gained the sonic speed.And, finaly this design bureau was founded in 1937 by famous designer Semyon Lavochkin- creator of famous fighter aircraft of War time and 50-60-s. Ortiginal medals are extremely difficult to find outside Lavochkin design bureau engineers and scientists who received them during celebration of 50 years anniversary of this famous association. Check the price and availability by e-mail or call.
 # md134            Lavochkin Design Bureau 1

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