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# ma122 Y.Gagarin flight 20th anniversary award medal

Instituted on May 15, 1979 by the USSR Cosmonautics Federation award medal named after pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR Y.A.Gagarin.Since 1981 with this prestigious medal Cosmonautics Federation awarded cosmonauts, scientists and designers for active participation in the USSR space research programs.One of few existing samples of such medal I have from cosmonaut-scientistand designer Georgi Grechko.He was awarded for application of the space theory to spacecraft flights.Same medal from deceased cosmonaut Vladimir Vasyutin.He was awarded for distinguished service to Soviet Cosmonautics. Medal is a rare collectible piece.short description of this unique subject is below: Configuration-a polygonal golden star.Obverse: Yuri Gagarin`s portrait in a uniform of Air Forces Colonel is reproduced in a centre of a silvery disc.In the background are the Globe with a red five pointed star and a fragment of a spacecraft orbit.Two inscriptions-`Yu.A.Gagarin` (above, left) and `12.IV.1961` (below, right)-are made as a semicircle.The image and the inscriptions are raised. Reverse: The four-line inscription THE MAN WHO OPENED THE WAY TO THE STARS is made in center of a circle with a five-pointed star put above the inscription and a laurel wreath placed below the inscription. Ribbon plate: dimensions 23 x 25 mm.The upper part is covered with a 13 mm-wide red watered-silk ribbon.The lower part was two laurel wreath.A silvery pentagon plate featuring the Sickle and Hammer emblem is placed in the center. Medal material-tombac.Size-46 x 46 mm and it was manufactured by Leningrad Jewerly Work-shops.Only 5000 people were awarded with such medal. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*.
 # ma122            Y.Gagarin flight 20th anniversary award medal 1
 # ma122            Y.Gagarin flight 20th anniversary award medal 2

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