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# ma100 Honorary Sign (Order) FOR SPACE EXPLORATION

Honorary Sign-Order `For Space Exploration` was instituted in 1999 to award cosmonauts, scientists, launch team rocketery officiers and designers for meritorious service to the development the domestic cosmonautics and rocket equipment. The order has a shape of a cross covered with dark blue enamel with rays filling the intervals between the bars.The bars are devided by rays into two parts which bear settings with zircons. A silvery medallion with the emblem of the Russian Space Forces and the relief inscription `For The Sake Of Life On The Earth` is placed in the center of the cross. On reverse side the three-line inscription `For Space Exploration` is made in center, framed by two oaks wreaths. Ribbon plate dimensions 28 x 27 mm.The plate is covered with 24 mm wide blue watered-silk ribbon with dark blue stripes going along the vertical edges.A crowned double-headed eagle with extended wings is in the center.Its breast is protected by a red shield with an image of St.George the Victor killing the dragon with his lance.The eagle holds a sword and laurels in its clutches. Dimensions of order -45 x 45 mm and it is minted from anodized tombac by Pobeda Plant/Moscow.Author:Pavel Grankin. Availability and price check by e-mail or call.
 # ma100            Honorary Sign (Order) FOR SPACE EXPLORATION 1
 # ma100            Honorary Sign (Order) FOR SPACE EXPLORATION 2

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