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# sd100 Old 1962 Belka-Strelka card flown in cosmos

1962  Soviet postacrd commemorating Space Dogs Belka and Strelka carried on orbit by Russian cosmonauts Sergei Krikalev and Salizhan Sharipov.

Front side depicts two dogs, Earth and parachute with Vostok landing capsule.Date 19 August-1960, when Belka-Strelka launched on board space ship.Artwork of V.Viktorov

Launched from cosmodrome Baikonur April 14,2005 on board Soyuz TMA-6 card delivered to Space Station April 17 and after spending a week on board ISS returned back to Earth with Salizhan Sharipov on Soyuz TMA-5.Front side of card cancelled with main ISS handstamp and signed by both cosmonauts.Reverse side cancelled with round ISS post marks with dates of Soyuz TMA-6 docking (17 April) and Soyuz TMA-5 departure (24 April, 2005).

This card flown along with few other old Soviet cards carried by Sergei and Salizhan as personal items to commemorate glorious accomplishments of Cosmonautics in its beginning.

One of images depicts Salizhan Sharipov with these cards few weeks after return from orbit.After return from orbit Sergei Krikalev and Salizhan Sharipov signed information certificates.

August 19, 1960 The Soviet Union launched its second unmanned test of the Vostok(Vostok 8K72)spacecraft, the Korabl Sputnik II, or Sputnik V. The spacecraft with mass 1,440 kg(3,170lb) carried two dogs, Strelka and Belka, in addition to a gray rabbit, rats, mice, flies, plants, fungi, microscopic water plants, and seeds. Electrodes attached to the dogs and linked with the spacecraft communications system, which included a television camera, enabled Soviet scientists to check the animals' hearts, blood pressure, breathing, and actions during the trip. After the spacecraft reentered and landed safely the next day, the animals and biological specimens were reported to be in good condition.
Officially: Development of systems ensuring man's life functions and safety in flight and his return to Earth.

Strelka later gave birth to six puppies, one of which was given to Caroline Kennedy, daughter of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, by Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev.

Today, the bodies of Strelka and Belka remain preserved at the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow. Belka sits in a glass case in the museum while Strelka is part of a traveling exhibit that has visited the U.S., China, Australia, Israel and other countries.

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