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# un150 Monument to Stratonauts

7.5` Bronze desktop artwork- copy of monument to `Heroes Stratonauts` in Russian city Saransk. January 30, 1934 Soviet stratonauts P.Fedoseyenko, I.Usykin and O.Vasenko reached the altitude 22 km on ballon `Osoaviahim-1`.That was world record altutude reached by people of that time. During descent all three died. Original bronze copy of this monument is an artwork in desktop size.It has a metal plate on base and reads `Monument to Heroes-Stratonauts.City Saransk`.n base also engraved in gold `To Viktor in Birthday 6 january 1973`. Also available another bronze copy of this monument.See second image. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*
 # un150            Monument to Stratonauts 1
 # un150            Monument to Stratonauts 2

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