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# un130 Luna-2 and Venera-1 old desk pens.

Old desk pen sets (pen and 3.5` diameter circular base with a rocket fin shaped holder and pentagonal metal plaque on each) made in former USSR in 1959 and 1961 to commemorate Luna-2 and Venera-1 historic flights. A pentagonal shape gold colour plaque on Luna-2 pen reads USSR (CCCP), September 1959- date of launch of Luna-2, which was first to reach the Moon and also delivered to Moon ground custom made Soviet pennants, along with scientific equipment for researches.Large ball shape pennant was composed from small pentagonal elements.Such represented on base of holder. Same, pennant was delivered by Soviet Venera-1, which was a world`s first ship to reach another planet ground. Small silver colour metal plaque reads USSR (CCCP), February, 1961.Also on base engraved shapes of orbits of Venera-1 and reads Orbit of Venera-Orbit of Earth. These are fountain pens and if you decide to use them, you have fo fill them with ink. Estimated value *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*-100.Questions on availability are welcome by e-mail or call.
 # un130            Luna-2 and Venera-1 old desk pens. 1
 # un130            Luna-2 and Venera-1 old desk pens. 2

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