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# br117 Cosmonaut Berezovoy books Part-9

Books presented in this section came from personal library of Soviet pilot-cosmonaut, commander of 211 days mission Soyuz T-5/Salyut-7 Anatoliy Berezovoy.Books presented here are all Soviet published books from old years, including the following areas: -Spaceflight Control Center books for joint flights -Intercosmos program books -Books dedicated Soviet cosmonauts -Books covering early days of Soviet space exploration -Books dedicated to pioneers of space and many others. All books are autographed by cosmonaut Berezovoy.Please contact me for details on these books and also please refer to section `Archives` where provided descriptions on several of these books (in book section of older version of my website)
 # br117            Cosmonaut Berezovoy books Part-9 1

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