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# md111 Founder of practical Cosmonautics Korolev 70 years

50 mm bronze medal issued in 70 years anniversary of Chief-Designer S.Korolev. Front side depicts profile portrait of designer and reads `Academician Sergei Pavlovich Korolev 1907-1977`.And on reverse reads`To 70 years from birth day` and words of Korolev `Cosmonautics has infinite future and its perspectives are boundless as the Universe`. Korolev was born 1907 (1906 o.s) and died in 1966. Atalanted engineer of exceptional organizational ability, he headed the rocket development effort from its inception in 1946 until his death.Born in Zhitomir/Ukraine he gratuated from the Moscow Higher Technical school in 1930. Initialy interested in aviation and gliders, from the beginning of the 1930s he turned to rocketery. In 1933 he became deputy director of newly established rocket-propulsion research institute- World`s first rocket organization. Here Korolev worked on first liquid propellant rockets including famous GIRD-9 and GIRD-10 of early 30-s. In august 1957 first Soviet R-7 was successfuly launched and on 4 october 1957 the First Sputnik of Korolev started practical Space Age. Korolev also headed the development work for the Gagarin`s flight in april 1961 and other First manned flights.Also for the First Lunar and Interplanetary flights. Original medals like these I was able to collect from archives of cosmonaut-designer Grechko.This is an example of unique memorabilia related with Pioneers of Space Exploration. Price of this medal-*Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*.
 # md111            Founder of practical Cosmonautics Korolev 70 years 1

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