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# md112 V.Glushko-Founder of Soviet Rocketery

50 mm diameter comemorative presentation medal issued for 75 years birthday anniversary of Founder of Soviet rocket engines designing Valentin Glushko.Medals issued for presentation to scientists and designers during celebration of this anniversary. Valentin Pavlovich Glushko was one of the last survivors of the group prominent pioneers of the Soviet rocket programme: almost all the main missile and space-launcher motors used to date were designed and developed under his leadership.In 1929 Glushko began work at the Gas Dynamics Laboratory (GDL).Here he created the First Soviet liquid-fuel rocket motor (1930-1931).For most of the 30-s he headed GDL, now the department of Moscow Rocket Propulsion Institute, and developed a series of engines.After war Glushko headed the country`s principal liquid-propellant rocket engine design organization and in 1974 was appointed head and general designer of the Korolev`s design bureau.This leading organization of the Soviet space programme leter became the scientific- production association `Energia`.Glushko was its general director until his death in 1988. Price of this medal-*Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*
 # md112            V.Glushko-Founder of Soviet Rocketery 1

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