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# pf111 Soyuz TM-18/MIR 438 days flown photo of V.Pol

7 x 9` photo of Valeriy Polyakov depicting him during pre flight preparation on the Black sea was taken by him on board MIR for world`s record duration flight 438 days in 1994-1995.On board Valeriy cancelled photo with MIR handstamp and signed, notared and dated (last day of this historic mission 21.03.1995).This is one of 15 photos like this Valeriy carried with him and shared with me after flight.One of my personal favorites.Photo depicts him back in 1988 when he was preparing to his first mission Soyuz TM-6- another long duration flight of Polyakov-241 days.Polyakov depicted during the period of water landing training.He holds in right hand supplies bag. Total flight time of this cosmonaut on board MIR-679 days! More than any other person flown in space.Name of Valeriy Polyakov placed in Guiness World Record book and he often called `King of Space`.
 # pf111            Soyuz TM-18/MIR 438 days flown photo of V.Pol 1

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