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# gb160 Korolev:Facts amd Myth /byography book

1994 published in Russia by `Science` publishing house (only 25 000 copies) book of famous Soviet/Russian journalist Yaroslav Golovanov.Book dedicated to founder of practical cosmonautics Sergei Pavlovich Korolev.This is most complete byography of previously secret and legendary Chief Designer. Autor spent 26 years on this magnificient book, wich includes memories of relatives, friends, co-workers, and cosmonauts, previously not published documents and unique photographs from personal archive of autor and all people who knew Korolev.Book is written under supervision of Korolev`s daughter and famous designers-researchers Chertok, Raushenbach, Gallai. Autor of this book was graduated at rocketery faculte of Bauman Academy and worked in science research institute along with famous scientist M.Keldysh.After over 30 years journalist at cosmodrome Baikonur.Autor of 19 famous books and over 1000 articles on Cosmonautics.Awarded by several government medals.Academician of Cosmonautics Academy.
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