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# fc209 Soyuz TM-5/MIR flown covers

From personal collection of cosmonaut Viktor Savinykh- board engineer of this joint USSR-Bulgaria flight. Covers flown with Soyuz TM-5/ MIR team Solovyov, Savinykh and second Bulgarian cosmonaut Alexander Alexandrov (who previously was a back up of Ivanov on Soyuz-33 USSR-Bulgaria flight). Covers signed by all three cosmonauts and cancelled with 2 Soviet and one Bulgarian on board handstamps. One of the covers is USSR Pilot-cosmonaut Mail cover with MIR/Soyuz TM commemorative stamp.Second cover has a special reason to be taken on board.On cover depicted a building of Moscow University of engineers of Aerospace photographing.Cosmonaut Viktor Savinykh is a head of this University.
 # fc209            Soyuz TM-5/MIR flown covers 1
 # fc209            Soyuz TM-5/MIR flown covers 2

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