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# fc187 Soyuz T-5/T-6 flown covers

Two covers flown with Soyuz T-5/T-6 teams on board Salyut-7 station were presented to cosmonaut Lazarev (notared on reverse). Covers signed by Popov, Serebrov and Savitskaya (second Soviet woman cosmonaut), who joiined cosmonauts Berezovoy and Lebedev for a week aboard Salyut-7, returning to Earth aboard Soyuz T-5.Main station crew also signed covers and cancelled them on front with remained from previous visiting Soviet-French team blue handstamp and pentagonal Salyut-7 stamp. These two covers came from archives of cosmonaut Vasiliy Lazarev.
 # fc187            Soyuz T-5/T-6 flown covers 1
 # fc187            Soyuz T-5/T-6 flown covers 2

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