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# alddc100 Father of Soviet Rocketery V.Glushko signed card

1981 Greeting card sent to cosmonaut Vasiliy Lazarev from Founder of Soviet rocketery Valentin Glushko in Cosmonautics Day- National holiday in the USSR celebrated each year 12 april since 04.12.1961 Vostok flight of Gagarin. On inside part of this folding card reads:`Dear Vasiliy Grigoryevich Lazarev! Please accept congratulations with Cosmonautics Day! V.P.Glushko` and signed. Valentin Pavlovich Glushko was one of the last survivors of the group prominent pioneers of the Soviet rocket programme: almost all the main missile and space-launcher motors used to date were designed and developed under his leadership.In 1929 Glushko began work at the Gas Dynamics Laboratory (GDL).Here he created the First Soviet liquid-fuel rocket motor (1930-1931).For most of the 30-s he headed GDL, now the department of Moscow Rocket Propulsion Institute, and developed a series of engines.After war Glushko headed the country`s principal liquid-propellant rocket engine design organization and in 1974 was appointed head and general designer of the Korolev`s design bureau.This leading organization of the Soviet space programme leter became the scientific- production association `Energia`.Glushko was its general director until his death in 1988. Contact for price
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