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# zhopa049 Tu-85 bomber

One of best made detailed model in scale 1/200 is heavy resin 11 inches wing span Tupolev-85.Entire model is hand made from metal props, landing gears, several guns to detailed resin fuselage.Please check availability prior ordering.
The TU-85 was an intercontinental strategic bomber prototype. Two machines were built. First flight - 9 January 1951. In the course of tests intercontinental flight range was achieved with bomb payload of five tones. The aircraft was not transferred to serial production because of switch of strategic aviation to turbojet and turbo-prop engines.
 # zhopa049            Tu-85 bomber 1
 # zhopa049            Tu-85 bomber 2
 # zhopa049            Tu-85 bomber 3
 # zhopa049            Tu-85 bomber 4
 # zhopa049            Tu-85 bomber 5

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