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# zhopa050 An-8 transport

7.5 inches wing span old model made at Antonov Design Bureau back in 70`s.Plane mounted on metal ashtray base with engraved logo of OKB Antonov.Model has marks of age, but still nice display detailed model of rare Antonov aircracft.Please check availability prior ordering.
1955 assault transport The AN-8 (NATO code-named `Camp`) is the twin-engined forerunner of the AN-10 and of the better known AN-12 (`Cub`). It remained elusive to the western world for a long time. It was designed for the armed forces as a rear-loading tactical transport and as an Aeroflot requirement for a 42-48 seat passenger/freighter.. The AN-8 first flew during late 1955 and there were probably some 100-200 examples produced. All the Aeroflot examples were ex military. It was long thought that the AN-8 had retired long ago, but a few crept out of the dark regions of the former Soviet Union.In the meantime, a small number of this large twin-engined turboprop aircraft turned out to be still flying. While at least one mining company based in Siberia still flyes the type within Russia, the An-8s latest hub is in the United Arab Emirates, where a number of both Russian and African operators seem to have found demand for the transport.
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