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# myp096 M-55 with S-21 space ship

16 inches wing span Myasishchev Design Bureau custom hand made from heavy resin detailed M-55 Geophisika high altitude aircraft carried S-21 space ship.
This is the only Russian project currently competing in the X PRIZE.
C-XXI(S-21) is a rocket powered spaceship, seating one pilot and two tourists clad in light Sokol spacesuits. Rides to a high altitude 17 kilometers on a M-55 Geophisika altitude aircraft. Separation occurs using a patented separation system at an altitude of 17 kilometers.Then, the shuttle??™s solid-fuel engine is switched on to put it into space to an altitude over 100 kilometersAfter somersaulting in airless space the shuttle makes a re-entry into the atmosphere and glides down to earth. This private venture is being carried out in cooperation with Myasishchev Design Bureau (MDB), which specializes in high altitude aircraft and business jets. The interior of the spaceship is pressurized, but the passengers are expected to wear pressure suites as a backup. Prototype flights are expected to operation in Russia, but then once the system is proven, C-XXI hopes to operate its flights around the world. C-XXI expects that its customers will need to train for about 1 week. The training will include high-altitude MiG flights, zero-gravity parabolic flight training, survival training and extensive work in simulators.
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 # myp096            M-55 with S-21 space ship 1
 # myp096            M-55 with S-21 space ship 2
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