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# zhopa056 T-4 Sukhoi-100 bomber

23 cm(9 inches) lenght 1/200 scale detailed exclusive model of Sukhoi T-4 (aircraft-100) supersonic experimental bomber. Please check availability by e-mail.
In the 1960s, the cold war was reaching new heights everyday. Their was this arms race between the two poles which seemingly had no end. Only 20 yrs after WWII, the strategic bomber was still the first thing that came into the military brass`s minds. While the Soviets were pushing for spy satellites and ICBMs, USA still believed that a long range high speed bomber was needed to deliver atomic/nuclear bombs. Hence came about the short lived XB-70 Valkyrie. This baby gave USSR the creeps. In their usual style they tried to copy and came up with the Su-T4 which existed for shorter time still. The T-4, also called S100 (indicating that it was a prototype) first flew in 1972 by Vladimir Ilyushin and easily achieved Mach 1.28 at 12,000m. The aircraft completed a number of successful flight tests and showed a real promise of reaching its design requirements. The T-4 featured world`s most advanced electrohydraulic, quadruple redundancy fly-by-wire system. When the nose of the aircraft was up and locked, the pilots had no forward visibility and all flying was on instruments.
 # zhopa056            T-4 Sukhoi-100 bomber 1
 # zhopa056            T-4 Sukhoi-100 bomber 2
 # zhopa056            T-4 Sukhoi-100 bomber 3
 # zhopa056            T-4 Sukhoi-100 bomber 4
 # zhopa056            T-4 Sukhoi-100 bomber 5

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