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# ep080 Tupolev Tu-360 Mach 6 bomber

13 inches lenght (scale 1/200) detailed model of rare Tupolev-360 bomber.Details on this aircraft are below: Even at the beginning of 1980s, as Tu-160 Blackjack was starting flight tests, work on its successor began.It was expected to be a hypersonic strike aircraft Tu-360 (or Aircraft 360).It was to reach Mach 6 and cover a distance of 15000 km carrying 10 tonnes (22,040 lb) of armanent. The maximum speed of this large aircraft available from kerosene-fuelled engines is 4500 km/h, above which cryogenic fuel is the optimum solution. As such, six variable-cycle turbojet/ramjet engines fuelled with liquid hydrogen were provided for the Tu-360.Design take off weight of the aircraft was 350 tonnes (771,400 lb), empty weight was 200 tonnes, lenght was 100 meters (328 ft), wingspan was 40.7 meters (133.53 ft). According to its design the Tu-360 could range 10000 km at Mach 6.Armament was to be carried inside two weapon bays located in the wingroots.Crew consisted of two pilots. In the first stage of development a small model(70-90 tonnes) of Tu-360 was to be built, but work was stopped in the aftermath of the USSR`s collapse and the prolonged economic crises in Russia. Before financing ceased in 1992, a nickel-alloy wing torque box was built, as were some elements of the fuselage, tanks for the liquid hydrogen and fuel pipes made of unique composite material. Availability and price check of Tu-360 model by e-mail or call.
 # ep080            Tupolev Tu-360 Mach 6 bomber 1
 # ep080            Tupolev Tu-360 Mach 6 bomber 2
 # ep080            Tupolev Tu-360 Mach 6 bomber 3
 # ep080            Tupolev Tu-360 Mach 6 bomber 4

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