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# md108 N.Armstrong-First man on the Moon AMCOS medal

Listed md 106-109 medals issued by AMCOS-Association of Museums of Cosmonautics for display in Russian Space Museums (not distributed to the public).Autor of designs-artist-sculptor A.Zavaluyev.Limited minted at Moscow mint 1992-1994 period.First medals minted in 1992-International Year of Space and included Yuri Gagarin-First man in cosmos medal depicting Gagarin next to landed 12 April, 1961 Vostok capsule w/parachute; medal commemorating first man on the Moon Neil Armstrong; and medal commemorating genious pioneers and space vehicles architects Sergei Korolev and V.Braun.In 1994 large medal depicted Yuri Gagarin was additionally issued by AMCOS for space museums. Original exclusives came directly from President of AMCOS- cosmonaut #4 Pavel Romanovich Popovich. Please contact for availability and price details on individual pieces and group of 4 medals.
 # md108            N.Armstrong-First man on the Moon AMCOS medal 1

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