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# rl100 Encyclopedia Cosmonautica

1985 Encyclopedia Cosmonautics hard cover book published in Soviet Union is a most complete information source on all aspects of Space exploration and Astronomy.Here`s everything on space from A to Z for professionals to students, for enthusiasts and collectors (provided info on collectible materials such as stamps, medals, patches, on board pennants etc.). This is most detailed and accurate book is a result of work of famous Soviet space pioneers, academicians-scientists, designers and cosmonauts including Glushko, Keldysh, Paton, Bushuyev, Barmin, Raushenbakh, Ambartsumyan, Alexandrov, Bogolyubov, Kozlovskiy, Shternfeld and other fames. Encyclopedia contains over 2000 articles on history and modern problems of rocketery and cosmonautics, biographies of pioneers of cosmonautics, biographies of Soviet and foreign cosmonauts and astronauts. This big volume book is a part of Soviet Encyclopedia and it is practicaly impossible to find it available for sale separately.By rules of Rusian customs it is not permitted to carry outside country this type of books, including Soviet published Encyclopedias.It was real piece of work to deliver this outstanding book to the West. Availability and price check by e-mail.
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